StoneSelect Granite

The StoneSelect Difference

Material Integrity:
Material Section

  • As with any natural material there are varying grades of quality, Granite is no exception. This makes selecting the raw material for StoneSelect granite one of the most important steps in the process to ensure the finished product will last for year.
  • We select only the highest grade material from out quarry partners all over the world.  Our quarry partners are selected for their attention to quality as well as their socially and ecologically responsible quarrying techniques.  
  • Each individual slab is visually inspected and undergoes specific testing before it can proceed any further into the process.  If the material does not meet our high standards for patterns, flexural strengths, and absorption rates we simply will reject the material.  This rejected material is often what you find at slab warehouses that provide material without any type of warranty or guarantee.
Stain Protection From Food and Beverage
    Surface Preparation     
  • Our stain protection process begins with proper polishing of the surface. Proper polishing not only ensures the beauty of the product but helps to ensure the surface is properly closed to ensure stain protection. The surface properties of Granite, being a natural product, will vary from color to color and as such the result of polishing will vary as well, this is why further treatment is necessary to ensure the highest level of stain protection available with StoneSelect Granite. Our multi step computer controlled polishing process ensures the lowest level of absorption possible

    Stain Inhibition

  • Even with the rigorous selection process and high quality polishing process, natural stone still will be open to staining unless further protection is applied. Our 6 step treatment process is unrivaled in providing the most durable and deepest stain protection available.
  • Our stain inhibitor bonds at a molecular level with the stone, creating the strongest bond possible between the stonean the stain inhibitor. This provides protection that will not break down with use or cleaning and unlike a “sealer” which is simply a topical application, it will never require reapplication.
  • As the stain inhibitor is chemically anchored to the stone it also changes the surface tension of the stone to further act in a repellant nature to not only protect from staining of food and beverage products but also to prevent mold and bacteria from taking hold to the surface providing an ultra hygienic surface.
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